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Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu is the full name of the style of Ninjutsu practiced in our dojo. Currently in its 34th generation, this style of Ninjutsu is an authentic tradition that has survived more than 900 years since its beginnings in feudal Japan. Its martial roots extend through history to the cradle of modern civilization.
If you examine the term ‘Ninjutsu’, you can break it down into two words. ‘NIN’ and ‘JUTSU’, both Japanese words with their own meanings. The closest English translation for ‘NIN’ is ‘patience’ and for ‘JUTSU’ it’s “true technique”. When you combine these two together to form the term ‘Ninjutsu’, you get the “true techniques of patience”.
‘JUTSU’ is also an important designation in Japanese martial arts. As defined by the Dictionary of Martial Arts, ‘JUTSU’ arts are martial arts that were designed for real fighting or what we would now call self-defense. The other designation is ‘DO’ which refers to martial arts that are not meant for real fighting, such as sports. An example of this would be ‘Kenjutsu’ and ‘Kendo’; both are sword arts, but kenjutsu teaches how to traditionally fight with a real sword whereas kendo is a popular sport.
The mindset of a ‘JUTSU’ art is vastly different from a ‘DO’ art. There are no rules to protect you in real combat. By understanding this philosophy, it is possible to understand Ninjutsu, as well as the nature of Bujutsu (Martial Combat).

Ninpo Taijutsu Training

At this beginning level you will learn the “Foundation Teachings” which is an overview of all the 9 schools and their weapons to prepare you for the deeper study of Budo Taijutsu and all the 9 schools wazas and principles.