This field of study forms the core of our curriculum. ‘Taijutsu’ is translated as ‘True Techniques of the Body’ and is the foundation which all the physical techniques are applied from.

Dakentaijutsu -

Kicking, Punching, and other Striking Skills

Jutaijutsu -

Grappling, Wrestling, Throwing, Joint-locks, and other Close Contact Skills

Taihenjutsu -

Rolling, Jumping, Break-falls, Stepping, Balance, and other Safety Skills

As before, the word ‘NIN’ translates to the English word ‘patience’. The Japanese word ‘PO’ translates as the English word ‘method’. Therefore, the study of Ninpo Taijutsu is “The method of the body’s true technique.”

Ninpo Taijutsu Training

At this beginning level you will learn the “Foundation Teachings” which is an overview of all the 9 schools and their weapons to prepare you for the deeper study of Budo Taijutsu and all the 9 schools wazas and principles.